2023 Policy Papers

HIV Online Learning Australia (HOLA) papers

New Global Approaches to HIV Prevention

To ensure Australian community practice remains at the global cutting edge and inform future strategies, this paper by Aldo Spina focuses on emerging global approaches to HIV prevention. The paper includes advances in biomedical prevention and treatment as well as insights that can be drawn from HIV prevention programs implemented in comparable jurisdictions overseas that are working towards ending HIV transmission.

Published: June 2023

Molecular Epidemiology and Phylogenetics – what is it really?

This paper by Dr Francesca Di Giallonardo (Kirby Institute), Dr Alison Castley (Fiona Stanley Hospital) and Dr Karen Hawke (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute) includes a basic overview of what molecular epidemiology is and explores its role in the virtual elimination of HIV in Australia. The paper also looks at community feedback on the implementation of Molecular Epidemiology, including criminalisation and legal and ethical concerns.

Published: June 2023

Approaches and best practice models of care for advancing the quality of life for people with HIV in Australia

This paper by Dr Kirsty Machon, Hiero Badge and Brent Allan looks at evidence around the determinants of health and wellbeing and protective factors in HIV care and support which can help promote a higher or improved quality of life, and also the factors which can diminish or reduce quality of life. The paper also includes considerations for workers providing peer support, health services, social and community services and health promotion for people with HIV through AIDS councils, HIV peer organisations and linked services, and encourages an integrated and holistic approach to service design and delivery to support quality of life.

Published: June 2023

HIV-related stigma interventions

This paper by Dr Dean Murphy was developed with the intention of providing a framework for people developing HIV-related stigma interventions to consider how to design, implement, and evaluate such activities. Key areas covered in the paper include HIV stigma definitions, theories and concepts related to stigma, approaches used in the development of HIV-related stigma interventions and how stigma is measured.

Published: May 2023