Resolution on the breakdown of the Queensland HIV Partnership Response

Resolution on the breakdown of the Queensland HIV Partnership Response

HIV Australia | Vol. 10 No. 1 | June 2012

At the National Gay Men’s HIV Health Promotion Conference, held in Sydney 28-30 May, a resolution was unanimously passed by conference delegates regarding the Queensland government’s intention to strip LGBT health organisation Healthy Communities of its funding. Read the full statement below:

The Conference notes with alarm the Queensland Government’s announcement on 20 May 2012 to remove funding from Healthy Communities for its HIV prevention work with gay men and its other health promotion programs.

The decision was made without consultation and will seriously disrupt the provision of services to prevent HIV transmission in one of Australia’s most populous states. The Queensland HIV epidemic has unique characteristics, but, as is the case all around the country, the majority of the epidemic is directly affecting gay men. To stop working programs, to sack employed staff and destroy community networks will set back HIV prevention efforts both in Queensland and across Australia.

The conference supports the call by Healthy Communities for Minister Springborg to work with them and other members of the HIV partnership in Queensland to review the approach, and consider the impact of changes in the patterns of sexual transmission of HIV in Queensland and make decisions about funding on the basis of the review, rather than pre-emptively defunding Healthy Communities.

It is internationally recognised that HIV prevention has always worked best in a partnership approach between affected communities, government, clinicians and researchers. The Conference calls on the Queensland Government to return to working in partnership with all sections of the HIV response, and to recognise that those affected by HIV are best placed to determine their health promotion needs.

The conference affirms its support of the HIV prevention work of Healthy Communities and their success over more than 20 years in limiting the transmission of HIV among gay men in Queensland and providing effective HIV education, and contributing to the Australian HV response.

The conference also voted on resolutions regarding HIV treatment and HIV testing access.

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