Recently Diagnosed

Recently Diagnosed

Being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence in the developed world.

All kinds of people, from different walks of life and backgrounds, are living with HIV and many people enjoy full and active lives. In fact, recent research shows that people with HIV who are on treatments can live a normal life expectancy and are also much less likely to pass on the virus to their sexual partners.


There are many services and specially trained people working at AIDS Councils and People Living with HIV (PLHIV) organisations in every state and territory who can provide advice, support and further information.


Next Steps is a resource for people recently diagnosed with HIV. It covers a range of issues including treatments and monitoring, transmitting and preventing HIV, safe sex, relationships, sexually transmitted infections, your rights, recreational drugs, and having children.

It is easy to read and includes real-life stories from people who have been diagnosed with HIV.

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The HIV Tests and Treatments website explains common tests used for monitoring your health, provides information about available treatments, and can help you with your decisions about whether to start HIV treatment.

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Partners, family & friends

If you are the partner, family member or friend of someone who has just been diagnosed, and wish to support them, you should contact your local AIDS Council or People Living with HIV (PLHIV) organisation.