Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Health Equity Matters (formerly AFAO) Strategic Plan 2021-2024 sets out the organisation’s vision of ending HIV transmission to ensure all in our communities can live a full and healthy life.

Developed by Health Equity Matters’ Board, members and affiliates, this Strategic Plan sets out our directions and priorities for the next three years. These are geared for immediate impact and built toward out larger 2030 vision of health and justice for our communities.

Our four strategic directions are:

    1. End HIV transmission and improve the lives of people with HIV
    2. Serve our members and communities
    3. Strengthen HIV responses in Asia and the Pacific
    4. Strengthen Health Equity Matters’ capability and sustainability

We will undertake this work for and through our members and partners. In doing so, we will serve through our leadership and together grow our collective strength.

Click here to to download the Strategic Plan 2021-2024