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This page provides up to date and concise information on the impact of mpox on Health Equity Matters’ members and communities.

Briefing Paper: The Importance of Peer Contact Tracers in Preventing the Mpox Epidemic 

This paper emphasises that for effective contact tracing for mpox, a specialised peer workforce that understands the nuances of the diverse lifestyles and sexual practices of the community is required.  To prevent further mpox outbreaks, it is recommended that contact tracing is used in conjunction with a broader mpox vaccine program.

Published: 11 June 2024

Briefing Paper: The Inclusion of Mpox Vaccines in Ongoing Sexual Health Clinical Care

This paper emphasises the need for ongoing mpox vaccination planning and roll-out across all state and territory governments. In particular, the paper focusses on the need to consider the heightened risk of transmission amongst newly sexually active people and people that have experienced a shift in their sexual behaviour for the purposes of ensuring these populations are offered mpox vaccines.

Published: 9 May 2024

Briefing Paper: Considerations for Monkeypox Isolation

This paper outlines considerations that health authorities can use to determine the appropriate level of isolation required to reduce transmission of monkeypox. The paper illustrates how jurisdictions can work with Health Equity Matters’ member organisations to communicate with people who have monkeypox about how to prevent sexual and other skin to skin contact with others during isolation.

Published: 6 December 2022

Briefing Paper: Monkeypox and sex on premises venues

This paper outlines how sex-on-premises venues (SOPVs) may be the site of transmission for the monkeypox virus between gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM). The paper describes strategies to mitigate the risk of transmission including cleaning the facility and supporting contact tracing. The paper also notes other ways SOPVs can engage more broadly with the public health response to monkeypox.

Published: 21 October 2022

Briefing Paper: Collection and dissemination of monkeypox surveillance data

This paper outlines Health Equity Matters and ASHM’s policy position on the collection and dissemination of monkeypox surveillance data. This paper notes that states and territories should issue monkeypox surveillance data relating to locally acquired cases as soon as possible as well as data relating to cases among returned travellers.

Published: 10 October 2022

Briefing Paper: Monkeypox vaccination information

This paper outlines relevant information about the Monkeypox vaccine. It shows how there is a limited supply of these vaccinations available to the community, which has led to logistical and social challenges. This paper describes several strategies to address these challenges such as tailoring outreach to communities, delaying access to second doses and delivering the vaccination intradermally.

Published: 5 October 2022

Briefing Paper: State and territory servicing of monkeypox

This paper outlines the minimum services that governments should fund to enable Health Equity Matters’ member organisations to be effective in the response to monkeypox. The paper describes the core services that member organisations should be able to provide, which include running independent digital campaigns, community forums, sector forums, peer support and monitoring the media.

Published: 28 September 2022

Briefing Paper: Terminology when referring to monkeypox

This paper outlines the appropriate language to refer to monkeypox in external and internal documentation and engagements.

Published: 12 September 2022 (updated 25 January 2023)

Briefing Paper: Communication regarding sexual contact for the prevention of Monkeypox

This paper outlines Health Equity Matters and ASHM’s position that messages to gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) about monkeypox should be provided by GBMSM and other members of the LGBTQI+ community. The paper suggests that government and healthcare stakeholders partner with LGBTIA+ health and HIV organisations to provide messages on risk reduction and to avoid stigmatising sexual behaviour.

Published: 8 September 2022

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On 7 June 2022, AFAO hosted a forum for the HIV community workforce on Monkey Pox (MPXV). The forum’s panel included Associate Professor Edwina Wright (Alfred Health), Professor Allen Cheng (infectious diseases physician) and Matt Vaughan (A/Director HIV and Sexual Health Division – ACON Health), along with AFAO’s Deputy CEO Heath Paynter and CEO Adj. Professor Darryl O’Donnell.

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