Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Hub

This page provides up to date and concise local and international information on the impact of COVID-19 on Health Equity Matters’ members and communities.

Health Equity Matters Factsheet: Making Sense of COVID 19

A current source of information for LGBTIQ and HIV communities on COVID-19.


This factsheet answers questions and shares tips and referrals for our communities.


Further information for and about people living with HIV (PLHIV) and COVID-19.


The National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) is Australia’s peak non-government organisation representing community-based groups of people living with HIV (PLHIV), they provide specific information for PLHIV and COVID-19.

ASHM’s Taskforce on BBVs, Sexual Health and COVID-19 has created guidance for clinicians and other healthcare providers regarding COVID-19 and adults living with HIV. These will continue to be updated as new information is available.

The American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ‘What to Know About HIV and COVID-19’ webpage.

The Intensive Care Society (ICS) and British HIV Association (BHIVA) have developed a joint statement on considerations for critical care for people with HIV during COVID-19.

Frontline AIDS partners provide HIV prevention and treatment to some of the world’s most marginalised people and communities. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis continues to unfold, they will be regularly updating their COVID-19 page with relevant information and resources from Frontline AIDS and our partners.

The Body is an international HIV resource. They have developed this ‘What You Need to Know About the New Coronavirus and HIV’ webpage.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

Information and resources for Indigenous communities.


Below are a range of resources relating to COVID-19 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people:

The Australian Government Department of Health has a collection of COVID-19 resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and remote communities.

The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) have a Coronvirus (COVID-19) webpage providing updates and information as well as the STOP the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) suite of resources.

The Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) of NSW have developed a set of Coronavirus resources.

COVID-19 resources recommended by NAPWHA’s Positive Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Network (PATSIN)

Strong Spirit Strong Mind Spromotes the uniqueness of Aboriginal culture as a central strength in guiding efforts to manage and reduce mental health and alcohol and other drug related harms in Aboriginal communities, they have developed a set of COVID-19 resources.

Gayaa Dhuwi (Proud Spirit) Australia – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership in social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention have developed information on COVID-19

The Northern Territory Government have developed a series of COVID-19 resources in language.

Other Languages

Information on COVID-19 in various languages.


Below are a range of resources providing information on COVID-19 in various languages:

The Australian Government Department of Health has a range of translated COVID-19 resources available here.

The Australian Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) have Coronavirus information in 63 languages available here.

The Victorian Government have provided health translations in over 25 languages available here.

The Department of Health and Human Services Victoria COVID-19 translated information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, health professionals and industry. Information includes factsheets and promotional materials.

South Australia Health translated resources on COVID-19 are available here.

Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary People

Information and resources on COVID-19 for trans, gender diverse and non-binary people.


ACON (NSW) has a new Trans Hub website that includes a specific COVID-19 page.

Thorne Harbour Health has a webpage for COVID-19 & trans, gender diverse and non-binary communities.

AUSPATH (the Australian Professional Association for Trans Health): Response to the Cancellation of ‘Elective’ Surgeries.

The Gender Centre (NSW) are providing resources for trans, gender diverse and non-binary here.

Sex Workers

Information and resources on COVID-19 for sex workers.


Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Workers Association are providing information relating to COVID-19 and sex workers on their website here.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Information and resources on COVID-19 for people who use alcohol and other drugs.


ACON (NSW) has a range of information and resources on their Pivot Point website, including social distancing and drug use, crystal and COVID-19, and alcohol and COVID-19.

Alcohol, Tabacco and other Drugs Council Tasmania provide COVID-19 specific resources as well as specific resources for alcohol and tabacco.

Harm Reduction Victoria have developed a resource exploring things you should know for people who use drugs or are on pharmacotherapy.

NUAA (NSW) have a webpage with links and information for their communities here.

Blood Borne Viruses Information

Further information about blood born viruses and COVID-19 for communities and our workforce.


Below are a range of resources relating to COVID-19 and blood borne viruses:

ASHM have set up a Taskforce on BBVs, Sexual Health and COVID-19It provides a platform to discuss the scientific, clinical, BBV and sexual health service delivery and social implications of COVID-19, and provides consistent and evidence-based messaging to the health workforce, sector partners and community.

ASHM’s Taskforce on BBVs, Sexual Health and COVID-19 has created guidance for clinicians and other healthcare providers regarding COVID-19 and both hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Hepatitis Australia has developed a COVID-19 factsheet specifically for communities living with and affected by hepatitis.

The University of Melbourne have developed a free online course with the Doherty Institute on COVID-19.  It is primarily designed for clinicians in primary care and hospital-based settings, it also has a broader secondary audience of pharmacists, nursing and allied health staff, aged care workers, and disability care workers.

Living in a Pandemic

Practical tips, social dimensions and wellbeing.


Rainbow Health Victoria: COVID-19: impacts for LGBTIQ communities and implications for services.


Article from  The Conversation  on navigating public transport as COVID-19 restrictions ease
Key messages:

  • Physical distancing continues to be key for moving large numbers of people safely
  • Workplaces may need to look at flexible start times
  • Governments are introducing a range of options to limit overcrowding including limits on how many people can board a bus or train, boosting car parking and increasing access for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Individuals will need to navigate public transport in the same way they navigate “all public spaces” with attention to physical distancing, and regular hand washing


Research updates and links to the latest COVID-19 research news.


ASHM’s Taskforce on BBVs, Sexual Health and COVID-19 is producing regular research summaries on topics relating to COVID-19. Recent summaries include:


Links to information from international sources and global organisations.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) updates its COVID-19 page daily.

UNAIDS provides a webpage detailing what people living with HIV need to know about HIV and COVID-19.

The Global Fund, the largest multilateral funder of health systems worldwide, is providing immediate funding of up to US$1 billion to help countries fight COVID-19, mitigate the impacts on lifesaving HIV, TB and malaria programs, and prevent fragile health systems in from being overwhelmed. Their webpage is updated regularly.

Upcoming Events

Check out upcoming events on COVID-19 including webinars.


This page will be updated as upcoming events are confirmed.

AFAO and ACOSS Joint Report

Learning from one pandemic to live with another.


You can download the Learning From One Pandemic To Live With Another report here.

Featured Videos

COVID-19: is there an endpoint and what does it look like? 20 April 2020

This webinar include presentations by and discussions with, Damien Brown from the Doherty Institute, describing the modelling from the Doherty Institute’s report to the Commonwealth on various scenarios based on specific public health responses to COVID-19, and Dr Rob Grenfell, Director of the CSIRO’s Health and Biosecurity Business Unit, reflecting upon the public health policy levers open to governments to mitigate the harms of COVID-19.

Full details of the webinar are here.

Here is a transcript of questions and answers from the briefing.

Damien Brown’s slides can be found here.

AFAO, ASHM and Hepatitis Australia COVID-19 BBV and STI sector briefing: questions and answers. 19 March 2020

AFAO, ASHM and Hepatitis Australia invited experts to present information and respond to questions from the BBV workforce sector. Professor Sharon Lewin presented the science of COVID-19 including research on a vaccination.  Associate Professor Edwina Wright will consider the implications of the virus for people with chronic and complex health conditions focussing on BBVs and STIs and Professor Andrew Grulich discussed the epidemiological and public health aspects of the virus.

Here is a transcript of questions and answers from the briefing.